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Our Board


Board Committees

The Board's work for the community is largely carried out through committees of interested residents.  The most recent report and other information about each committee is posted below.  To comment to the committee chair or to volunteer to join a committee, either call the committee chair at the phone number provided or click on the "CONTACT US" button and select the name of the committee chair from the drop down box at the top of the page.  If you are a resident and are signed into the web site, the identification fields of the contact form will be automatically filled in for you.


John Clark, Chairperson   734-761-5063       "CONTACT US"


Randy Rubin, Chairperson  734-660-8800      "CONTACT US"

Administration and Finance
Attached for reference are: the Mission and Responsibilities of the SCA Administrative and Finance Committee and the Mission and Responsibilities of the SCA Treasurer.
An important work product of this committee is the Community's annual budget.

Robert Hanson, Chairperson   734-669-6111     "CONTACT US"

Facilities, Utilities, Capital Improvements

Lance Simpson, Chairperson  734-369-8306      "CONTACT US"


Donna Davis, Chairperson   734-930-6118        "CONTACT US"

Open Ditch Drains and Water Quality

Roy Davis, Chairperson     734-930-6118           "CONTACT US"


Christy Miller, Chairperson     734-222-8382       "CONTACT US"

Social and Communication


Newsletter Editor

Bob Cant  734-623-4885                                   "CONTACT US"

Bylaw Enforcement