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Welcome to the Stonebridge Community website, an information resource for both our residents and the local community. You must be a resident to access the "Annual Dues Payment" page, the "News Bulletin" page, the "Our Board" page, the "Meeting Minutes" page, the "Message Board" page, the "Documents" page, the "Newsletters" page and the "Questionnaire" page.  To register, click the "Register" button at the top of the left navigation panel. We will respond to registration requests by providing a password within 24 hours. Use the "Contact Us" feature to send our website administrator John Clark any comments or suggestions about this site.

Neighborhood News
40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled
Posted on Nov 3rd, 2017
More than 40 million fire extinguishers, some on the market for more than four decades, are being recalled because they may not work.  For more details on this recall please click "Here"
Posted on Oct 17th, 2017
To see if you should get your flu shot this year, please click on the video below.

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Community Notices
Pittsfield Twp has announced that 2018 Dispatch Operations will be moving to
Washtenaw County Metro/HVA
For more details please click "Here"

Upcoming Events

None listed at this time.

Neighborly Notes
Pedestrians(including joggers/runners) please use the sidewalks where available.  If there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should walk/run on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic.  If you are walking/running when it is dark , please wear reflective clothing. Also, please avoid walkng on the golf path while golf is being played.